Think About the Bubbles #5 “Fears/Loves”

OK, so I haven’t written an ‘it’s done’ gushy gushy post about it yet. Which is odd, because:

When I finished it, I felt a major sense of accomplishment, like, WOW I DID IT! And then immediately after I felt a sense of loss. Here was this thing I’d been pouring my heart and soul into for days, and now it’s just done. And it’s done. No edits needed or wanted, it’s fucking done.

I felt like that after I did my first zine. It’s a nice feeling, but also a sad feeling. But… I guess it makes me feel alive and human.

Anyways. It’s beautiful. Eight pages of color. I’m very proud of the art I did in it.

It’s about my fears, and my loves, and the path between the two. In eight pages!